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Providing Solutions That Exceed Expectations.

Providing Solutions That Exceed Expectations.

Providing Solutions That Exceed Expectations.Providing Solutions That Exceed Expectations.Providing Solutions That Exceed Expectations.

Keystone Way

Competitive Pricing


Keystone of Texas makes sure our existing and new customers receive the most competitive prices available

Customer Solutions and Quality


With 25 years of experience, as a worldwide distributor/converter we make sure the product provided is what you need and exceeds in quality

Customer Service


With our customers, we make sure expectations are always exceeded.  We aren't perfect, but we strive for perfection.  If it's not right, we will make it right.  Every customer is a valued relationship that we appreciate.

Product Overview

Packaging Industry


Keystone of Texas is one of the leading suppliers of packing tapes, stretch wraps, shipping labels, edge protectors and more.  Click below to check out our line of packaging products and general office supplies.

Automotive Industry


Our automotive line of products are optimized around the protection of your investment or your customers investment.  Check out our line of products ranging from tapes, films to wraps.  You need it, we got it!

Auto Auction and Salvage


As a supplier to some of the biggest auto auction yards.  We have to be able to provide a variety of options and quality.  From our Keystone Krash Wrap to  our Safety Division, we offer a full wide range of product for every need of this industry.

Construction Industry


In the world of construction, from windows, stucco, painting, HVAC and more......all of our products result in protection and cost savings.  We have a diverse selection of tapes, films, bags and more to provide efficiency and cost savings for your next project.



Within the glass industry there are many needs for protection, in films, tapes and shipping.  Through our relationships we have been able to offer solutions for those needs.  Reach out to us and allow us the opportunity to meet and see how we can provide the service and product for your company.



At Keystone of Texas we make sure our customers aren't left to the choice of what a company stocks.  We offer solutions to help when the standard just doesn't work.  In converting we can slit to your size needed, logo branded tape, laminating a product or even die cutting for that specific project.  Allow us to evaluate your need and create the solution  that works.

Quality, Service and Price!